Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA
More than 1000 UCT students are expected to take to the streets of Cape Town at dawn tomorrow for this year’s “Remember and Give” (RAG). 

The students will be giving commuters a chance to give to worthy causes that could help change lives in the Western Cape by selling the SAX Appeal magazine.

The volunteers will hit the road from as early as 4:30am until 11am, covering an area that stretches from the Atlantic Seaboard to Tokai and Steenberg – mostly at street intersections. 

They will be dressed in outrageous costumes interpreting this year’s theme: The 2018 theme is “MAD SAX”, which SAX Appeal Editor-in-Chief and Project Manager Tamutswa Mahari, said is inspired by the current water crisis in Cape Town and the film series Mad Max.

“The magazine will be a satirical take on a dystopian Cape Town at war for one resource – water. The magazine will feature contributions from Zapiro, For the Love of Water, Sibu Mpanza and many more,” she said.

UCT invites motorists to enter into the spirit of SAX Appeal street sales, but also to stay alert as they drive through intersections where students will be practicing their sales skills.

The proceeds from magazine sales will support Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organisation’s (SHAWCO) charity work around the Western Cape. 

SHAWCO projects fall under two broad areas: 
School support: SHAWCO has more than ten student projects running in Khayelitsha, Kensington, Manenberg and Nyanga, including schools and children’s homes. Volunteers from UCT are transported to and from the centres. Junior projects focus on literacy and numeracy whereas intermediate and senior projects focus on English, Maths, Physical Science and Life Skills. 

In addition, SHAWCO’s Saturday School Programme is a professionally run educational intervention that engages with 200 Grade 12 Cape Town-based learners. These pupils receive focused remedial teaching in Pure Mathematics, Physical Science, English, Life Science and Accounting. The programme takes successful applicants out of their communities and transports them to UCT for extra lessons. 

And health care support: Since 1943 SHAWCO has delivered quality, primary health care in under-resourced communities in Cape Town. 
SHAWCO relies on more than 100 volunteer doctors and 800 medical and allied health science students in all years of study, to ensure that these student-run free clinics continue to be delivered.