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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Are you thinking of studying abroad?

Tips to help you prepare for the right learning experience abroad.

Tips to help you prepare for the right learning experience abroad.

Published Apr 2, 2021


PLANNING for studying abroad is an exciting time for any student as he/she is going to be in a different setting that offers a new education system, communication ways and study skills.

Have you thought about the nitty-gritty things, which play an important role when you decide on studying abroad? For any student, the first year is crucial to get adjusted with the cultural and academic differences.

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Below are some preparation tips to learn about study skills, culture, networking practices, and day-to-day life management strategies to help with faster adjustment and success at your new institution.

  • Decide on your destination first

This should be your first step and it should depend upon your interests, budget, likes and dislikes. When you have zeroed in on the destination make sure it fits your budget, availability of flights, visa procedure and South Africa’s relation with that country and then start looking for colleges. In order to feel connected to your future college, you can join Facebook groups and other social media pages of the college.

  • Speak to experts about career counselling

Sometimes career stress leads to anxiety, so finding a right career is considered to be important to mental well-being. When choosing the most fitting career or finding a new job when one proves unsatisfying or frustrating, the services of a career counsellor may be helpful as the person will guide you.

  • Choose the right study programme

Select the programme which you think is best for you. This demands a lot of research. Take the help of a career counsellor if you’re facing any difficulty in deciding on the right career path. Once you have figured out the programme you want to get yourself enrolled in, ask around to see if you know anyone who did the programme you were thinking of, and ask how it was.

  • Get the test before last date of application

Start arranging the documents needed for applying including applying for the visa. Keep in mind that every country has a different visa procedure. Make sure you have a current passport. Ask the college to mail you an official admission document, which you might be needed during your visa interviews.

  • Learn about the local culture

This will help you to get adjusted with the new ambience in a much quicker and seamless manner. It will also boost your confidence. If possible get acquainted with the local language skill by watching a movie or checking out some online language learning sessions. Read about the culture, art and history of the place to have a better understanding.

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It’s always best to reach the destination a few weeks earlier so that you get to know the place well before your schedule begins. Try to make the place like your own country by looking for a gym, coffee shop, or place of interest and make time to go there.


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