Gauteng parents attend maths classes to help their children with homework

calculator on a maths textbook.

Ekurhuleni parents are attending maths classes in order to assist their children with homework. Filed photo.

Published May 13, 2021


Ekurhuleni parents in Gauteng are attending maths master classes in order to assist their children with mathematics homework.

The initiative by consultancy company WeSolve4X, aims to help elevate the pass rate in township schools. The company’s tutoring model is based on “Maths plus Parents minus Hunger equals to success, (Maths + Parents-Hunger = Success)”. With a three-step approach programme that covers the topics, navigating the textbook and encouraging pupils to practice.

“Our team has been blessed to work with parents who attend our master class aimed at making mathematics homework more manageable at home,” the company said.

About 3 500 pupils from Ekurhuleni this year alone have been assisted by the maths tutoring programme.

According to the tutoring programme’s statement, pupils attend Saturday classes while their parents participate in the master classes to facilitate the learning process at home.

“Their attendance shows their dedication towards their children’s education. Pupils and their parents can attend lessons for free, however they have an option of purchasing a grocery hamper with staple food items at R250. We at WeSolve4X believe that you cannot educate children without tackling some of the societal ills that trouble the community such as poverty,” the tutoring programme said.

The programme, which is only based in Gauteng, aims to spread to the rest of South Africa

“The aim is to help learners from under-served communities to excel in maths, while inspiring them to be innovative thinkers,” the statement read.

According to the International Mathematics and Science Study, South African students are at the tail end in terms of their mathematics academic performance compared to students from other countries.

This is a result of a shortage of competent and confident qualified mathematics teachers.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s doctoral candidate Jacques Verster said: “From my findings that, to become confident and competent maths teachers, graduates who have passed the Post Graduate Certificate in Education need further development and support. If this isn’t provided, South Africa is unlikely to see an improvement in the performance of its school children.”

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