Commercial drone pilots are being commissioned by estate agents, architects and developers. Photo: Pexels-pixabay
Commercial drone pilots are being commissioned by estate agents, architects and developers. Photo: Pexels-pixabay

Consider a career in these in demand jobs – Part 2

By Michelle Lorber Time of article published Jan 22, 2021

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Mechanical engineer

MECHANICAL engineers are engaged in the generating, distribution and use of energy, processing materials, control and automation of manufacturing systems, design and development of machinery and solutions to environmental problems.

Versatility is important in this career, as well as being able to work within a multidisciplinary team. They work within teams dedicated to developing a range of products and systems, so any machine or process has involved this career in design, development, building and testing. A long-term need is predicted for mechanical engineers.

They play a substantial role in automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, computer and electronics, manufacturing and automation industries. They are involved with the generation and distribution of energy.

Mechanical engineers may work with electric generators, steam and gas turbines, internal combustion engines and other power using appliances such as refrigerators and air con systems. They also design machines for use inside buildings, such as escalators and elevators.

Blockchain developer

Blockchain developers have mixed skills in computer networking, algorithms, data structures and cryptography. A blockchain is a decentralised digital ledger which is used to record transactions (of cryptocurrency, but also medical data or any other type of transaction).

Only new information is added to it – previous data is stored by cryptography which links new blocks with older ones, hence forming a blockchain. The ledgers are extremely challenging to hack.

The primary purpose of block chains is to build large, secure public databases. This is a developing field, but knowledge of web development (HTML, CSS, MongoDB and NodeJS) is needed as is some familiarity with networking and security.

Commercial drone pilot

Drones may be used in a variety of ways – to accumulate intelligence, gather information on the health of crops, provide real estate photos or survey severe weather damage, among other uses.

At a basic commercial drone pilot level; security firms, insurance companies, advertising agencies, estate agents, architects, developers and construction firms use aerial video and photographs in conducting business.

Commercial drone pilots should be able to multi-task and be able to navigate the drone in addition to using the camera and other equipment at the same time. You would have to be able to produce professional video with a good sound quality and clear, bright colour. This would require additional skills in the use of sound editing and video software and a familiarity with legislation.

Drones can also be used to take videos of sports events, in tourism, surveys for mining and construction, conservation and scientific research. They can also, with attachments, be used to collect weather-related data.

Currently, this mostly involves freelance work and travel, but in the US substantial amounts of money are being invested in drones.

Drones are also being used to do tasks that would be dangerous or take longer for people to do, and for emergency response. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, in Puerto Rico responders are using drones to locate power lines, especially in areas that are difficult for people to try and get to.

3D printing technician

3D printer operators specialise in the additive manufacturing industry. Computer-aided design (CAD) is used to design and map a product which is printed layer by layer. This is another relatively new profession in increasing demand, and there are many classifications and roles as well as the possibility of specialising.

This is a global business and growing with the development of technology. Applications within this field include 3D printing technician, industrial designer, 3D artist, mechanical engineer, model maker, manufacturing engineer, project engineer, applications engineer and 3D modeller.

In this field you could find yourself working with manufacturers to develop new 3D printing applications, working with chemists and engineers to develop products, supplying marketing and sales teams with new applications and introducing other businesses who want to venture into manufacturing processes. This choice would appeal to adaptive people with problem solving and technical abilities.

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