Alicia Keys and Oprah. Picture: Instagram

Over the last decade in the music industry, Alicia Keys has learned to be more herself. From adding a hip hop flavour to her r&b or her signature cornrows or even to that time she announced that she would no longer wear make-up.

The tea was she was actually using wildly expensive skin regimens but you were meant to believe she’s just as bare-faced as you are but her skin is always looking great. We digress. Recently, the Grammy award-winning singer who hosted the Grammys this year announced that she would be publishing her memoir, More Myself, this year. And she would be doing it with help from Oprah.

“Thank you, Ms. O for the opportunity to share my truth as the first release of your new book imprint. Our journeys are beautifully woven together and our messages are similar: now, more than ever, it’s time to continue to honor ourselves by walking more unrelentingly in our authenticity, no matter what! Thank you for challenging me to become MORE MYSELF,” she wrote in an Instagram post:

Watch what happened when they shared the news: