GOAL: Jeff Paulse is keen to build reading rooms. Picture: ANA Pictures

Cape Town - A Former principal from Athlone, who is passionate about promoting a culture of reading, wants to start 10 reading rooms located metres from the Trojan Horse site in Thornton Road, Cape Town.

Jeff Paulse, 66, from Gleemoor, Athlone, who is the former principal of Athlone North Primary School, said he is passionate about making a difference in increasing the literacy rate among children and adults. He started the project after he realised how many children are illiterate.

“Even children in high school cannot read. The problem is that if they cannot read that they won’t be able to learn. And this has an impact on education.

“One of the reading rooms will include the history of what happened during the Trojan Horse massacre. There are a lot of schools in the area and they will be able to visit it. With the project I want to promote a culture of reading in communities.We also work in schools with teachers, and assist them in how to help children who are weak readers. Reading and Writing Solutions has 30 volunteers who worked in schools across Cape Town,” he said.

Paulse added that it was going to cost them a lot of money to build the rooms. “That is why we are appealing to the public for donations. We are having a fund-raising event on Saturday, where we will be selling books,” he said.

In 1985 three youths were killed by police hidden in crates on a truck, in what has become known as the Trojan Horse incident. Paulse can be reached on 082 216 2460.

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