Prestigious awards promote and celebrate indigenous languages and excellence in design and creativity

Published Nov 7, 2022


Three children's books published by Pan MacMillan have won Pendoring Awards for Publication Design.

Gold Pendoring awards went to “Uyathandwa” and “Ke bopegile sentle”. A silver Pendoring was awarded to “Jy is ‘n wens”.

“Uyathandwa”, written by Refiloe Moahloli and illustrated by Zinelda McDonald, is a lyrical isiXhosa story about accepting the things that make us unique and celebrating the intergenerational love that lifts and protects us.

Ke bopegile sentle”, written by Tshwanelo Serumola and illustrated by Subi Bosa, is a Setswana book of positive affirmations for brown girls of all shades, sizes and shapes. This book teaches girls to not only embrace, but to truly celebrate their unique appearance.

“Jy is ‘n wens”, written by Jaco Jacobs and illustrated by Tumi K. Steyn, is a warm, lyrical Afrikaans picture book that tells the story of different adoptive families. It is a good starting point for parents who want to discuss the topic of adoption, and it helps children to understand that every family is special.

Pan Macmillan said in a statement that it thanked Pendoring and the sponsors of these prestigious awards, for promoting and celebrating indigenous languages and excellence in design and creativity.

Pendoring is a South African awards programme that accepts creative entries from the advertising, marketing, publishing and related sectors in all South Africa’s indigenous languages.

The programme embraces the country and industry to promote, unify and celebrate the richness of South Africa’s creative content in all its indigenous languages. #SpeakSouthAfrican