The Last Son’s Secret by Rafel Nadal Farreras is set in the hot, dusty square of a small village in Puglia. 
There there are two memorials: one to those killed in World War I, and one to those lost in World War II.

On the first, every single member of the Palmisano family is listed, and on the second all the names are members of the Covertini family. In total, 44 men, all dead. In this sweeping and heartbreaking tale of the fate of a tiny hilltop village, Vitantonio and Giovanna are born moments apart just as World War I ends, and just as their two fathers are killed on the front. 

But growing up among the olive groves of southern Italy, war seems far away – until clouds begin to gather on the horizon as World War II looms.
A huge international best-seller, this sweeping and heart-breaking tale of the fate of a tiny hilltop village in Italy during the two world wars will stay with you for ever.