Freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is starring in her own comic book series. Pictures: Reuters and Twitter

It really is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez versus the establishment.

On Friday, comic book publisher Devil's Due announced that its satirical commemorative comic will star the freshman congresswoman and rising Democratic political star as a "Washington warrior" - in "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force. New Party: Who Dis?"

The social media-conscious 29-year-old politico is featured on one promotional cover wearing a power suit and wielding an iPhone. In another, she's in a Wonder Woman-inspired outfit, complete with sword, vanquishing a large red elephant dressed like a king with the Capitol looming large in the background. How's that for symbolism?

In a statement, Devil's Due said the Ocasio-Cortez comic alter ego will "engage in a series of super-heroic mini-adventures, taking on the GOP establishment from within." The comic - due out May 15 - will also take aim at President Donald Trump and his "cronies," according to the Hill.

In a statement to HelloGiggles, the comic's creator, Josh Blaylock, said, "This has been a passion project from day one, and I think the kick in the butt the new congress is giving to both sides of the aisle is so needed."

Ocasio-Cortez follows in the footsteps of other politicians who have starred in the pages of comic books, including former President Barack Obama, who debuted in the Devil's Due series "Barack the Barbarian" a decade ago. 

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