Good Morning, Mr Mandela by Zelda la Grange.

When the book Good Morning, Mr Mandela hit the shelves barely five days ago, it sold like hot cakes.

Now the publishing company, Penguin Books, has pressed the reprinting button due to the high demand.

Written by Zelda la Grange, Nelson Mandela’s personal assistant for 19 years, the book is published in both English and Afrikaans and is expected to be a best-seller.

The book reveals details of how Mandela’s family apparently treated the former statesman’s widow, Graça Machel, while he was ill and during his passing. The book further alleges that Machel was obliged to get accreditation to attend her husband’s funeral.

On , Penguin’s sales manager, Ziel Bergh, said some stores had sold out on Thursday – the same day the book was launched.

“We are reprinting the book as we speak. Most stores were sold out by yesterday (Sunday), while some were sold out on Thursday. Printing might take a few days, but we will have stock soon again,” said Bergh.

However, Bergh refused to say how many copies had been sold, saying it was confidential.

Exclusive Books marketing manager Rene Brophy said not all copies of the book had been sold out in their stores.

“Some stores are sold out while some are not. The English version of the book sold more and quicker. It’s sold out in some stores but we still have more copies in Afrikaans,” said Brophy.

Last week, some of the Mandela family welcomed La Grange’s memoirs at the launch. Mandela’s daughter Zindzi and grandson Mandla Mandela supported La Grange’s right to share her experiences, following criticism by some.

Zindzi said she was honouring her father by showing support at La Grange’s launch.

“If my dad was here, he would have wanted me to be here. He himself would have been here. I’m just here to support a wonderful woman, a woman of integrity, a woman who has been kind to me over the years. We have had our fights – we are both strong people – but we emerged out of it. I just love her,” she said at the time.


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