It was fun while it lasted, but last Sunday we had to bid farewell to three chamber mates who were trying to crack it in the Big Brother house. We caught up with the evictees, Paris, Nku and Jenayne to find out how they felt.

“We are sad to be out so soon. There wasn’t enough room for us to fight for our place in the game and I think it is unfair that the house mates had a say on who would stay or go. If I had that choice I would vote for those whom I thought were threatening,” said Jenayne.

Her fellow expelled contestants concurred, feeling that the odds were against them from the start.

“I feel the choice should have been left for South Africa alone and not participants of the game. We are all here to win and so we feel our future was prejudiced from the beginning,” explained Nku.

But from the little exposure they received on television, the evicted chamber mates will look to make related careers.

“I want to take modelling seriously and perhaps become an actor, too. Maybe make it onto the Men’s Health cover, you know,” said Paris, the workout addict.

The two ladies said they wanted to pursue careers in broadcasting and branding.




With the NBA All-Star Weekend having just passed, it was good to see the house mates play some competitive basketball earlier in the week. It was obvious some of the contestants had never played the game before, but they all did well with the limited skills they possessed.




Jase and Kat take the cake on this one. From the obvious public display of affection to the promise of what lies ahead, it is all stuff that could make an onion cry. But we have seen this all before. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. He wants more when they leave the house, but she will not commit so we smell a Hakeem and Cleo scenario – their romance died the moment they left the house.




It was only a matter of time, a short one in this case, before violence broke out in the house. Last Saturday 26-year-old Mbali Zulu (pictured) attacked fellow contestant Iris Miya.

What started off as a minor disagreement turned violent when Mbali lost his temper and hit Iris in the face. As she cried out asking why she’d been hit, another house mate, Jenayne, broke up the fight. She shoved Mbali away from intimidating Iris any further. It is a good thing she was there. Big Brother came to the rescue and Mbali was evicted.

This takes us back to several prior incidents in the house when contestants could not control themselves. Former South African contestant Lerato Sengadi was struck by Ugandan Hannington Kuteesa after they had an argument and the latter was evicted from the show. Zimbabwean Roki Josphat and Maneta Mazanhi were both evicted after a physical altercation.




Vanessa, Kat, Loko, Lexi and MK are all up for possible eviction and the axe is probably going to fall on MK as he is the only guy and the ladies are not crazy about his boney self. It is a given on Big Brother that the males go first whenever eviction time comes around.


• Big Brother Mzansi: Secrets is live 24/7 to DStv channels 197 and 198 though all live Sunday shows are exclusively on Mzansi Magic.