A 2012 file photo of Reeva Steenkamp. Picture: Timothy Bernard

Cape Town - A CAPE artist has penned a song dedicated to slain Reeva Steenkamp.

Local artist Matthew Gold has released a new song entitled Reeva, which he says is his version of what the pretty model’s last words and thoughts could have been before she was shot dead by her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius.

He posted the song and a photo of himself alongside an image of a younger Pistorius on Soundcloud with a message.

It reads: “Yesterday I visited the University of Pretoria and took this picture of myself next to Oscar Pistorius. I wrote and recorded this song with a fictional opinion about what Reeva’s last words were... This song is not just about Reeva and Oscar , many people are in tough situations daily. This is also for you. (sic)” - Daily Voice