Cindy Nell-Roberts. Picture: Instagram
Former Miss SA and Miss World runner-up Cindy Nell-Roberts is one of the few beauty queens who have remained in the spotlight long after their reign.

Nell-Roberts is co-hosting the new wedding show, The Wedding Bashers, with actress and TV presenter Denise Zimba, chef and food expert Siba Mtongana and wedding-planner Zavion Kotze.

The quartet bring laughter to thousands of viewers every Sunday as they attend weddings across the country and Nell-Roberts says she is happy people get to see the “funny side of me”.

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“What’s amazing about The Wedding Bashers is that we are exactly who we really are in real life. I think for me, in particular, what stands out for a lot of people (is) they just assume they know me because I’ve been in the beauty and modelling industry - so it comes as a surprise I’m actually quite funny.

“We didn’t know the show would be funny initially, but because of the characters that play in it, which is the four of us, it turned out to be funny. If you look at other wedding shows, they are more about criticising, but our show is quite entertaining.”

Asked about the response to the show, Nell-Roberts says: “Incredible. I’m amazed at how popular the show is. 

People are actually writing to us, they’re stopping us on the street they really love the show. We really didn’t think it will be this great; we’re really pleased.”

Nell-Roberts also wears the most gorgeous outfits on the show.

“We have a stylist on the show and he helps us put together our outfits but I just recently started channelling my inner-fashionista.”

Nell-Roberts is currently co-hosting a new wedding show, The Wedding Bashers, 
with actress and TV presenter Denise Zimba, chef and food expert Siba Mtongana and wedding planner Zavion Kotze. Picture: Supplied

Follow her on social media, and you will see her “fashionista” is in line with the latest trends.

“It has not been a priority for me because I was focused on my modelling, growing my business, having children or I was just being busy.

“For the first time, I have a bit of time to sit down and say who am I from a fashion point of view, from looks and style.”

The 36-year-old model says she even prefers her hair shorter nowadays.

Cindy Nell-Roberts. Picture: Instagram

“I have discovered that in my 30s I like to wear my hair shorter. I enjoy a bit of edgy style, whereas in my 20s I had the proverbial beauty queen styles and I just wanted to break away completely from that. I dress more edgily, sexier as opposed to how conservative I used to be and I’m actually having fun with fashion. I love dressing up.”

On what inspires her style, she said: ”I used to not like the Kardashians but I’m obsessed with Khloé Kardashian, her hair, her clothes, the way she dresses, her personality. I really relate to her quite a lot.

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“Locally, Kelly Khumalo - I just love her style. I like the way she wears a cap, the way she would go from red carpet to being very edgy, like hip-hop style, it’s kind of cool. As a woman, you’re allowed to be versatile. One day you’re in your tracksuits, rocking a cap, and the next day you can be wearing something elegant.”

Having been featured on over 55 cover magazines, Nell-Roberts revealed some of her beauty tips on how she maintains a healthy body and flawless skin.

Cindy Nell-Roberts. Picture: Supplied

“You have to work hard, if you want to look good. If you want to be rich, if you want to be famous, you have to work at it. You have to get up every day and put in the hours.

“I go to the gym three times a week. I watch what I eat. I’m not genetically from a thin family so I have to work hard to look good. I’ve cut out red meat completely. I’m a pescatarian now.

“And we all have the same struggles as women and the secret is to never give up.”

Nell-Roberts has been in the modelling industry for nearly two decades, but her career still excites her.

Cindy Nell-Roberts. Picture: Instagram

”I just signed an endorsement deal with Collagen. It’s a brand from Paris. I just did a big photo-shoot for them.

“Modelling is becoming an interesting field to play in compared to when I was 17.

“I think a lot of brands and magazines prefer to use fuller figured models, real women, older models, someone like me without sounding vain.

“As honestly as I see it, I’m much more relatable. I’m older, I look after myself, I genuinely use these brands.

“I’m actually modelling now more than I’ve ever modelled before in my life,” says Nell-Roberts.

Cindy Nell-Roberts. Picture: Instagram

She is also ready to embark on a new chapter in her life through her recently launched foundation, Women 4 Women.

“My greatest passion in life is to empower women; to give them the knowledge on how to be their best self, how to optimise their look, how to manage their time, how to feel good about themselves, how to start their businesses, apply for bursaries, how to prepare for the workplace - things that girls need to know.

“We want to empower young women of this country to become amazing, to be great!”

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