'It is not a sexual service. It is a social service'

Cleaning house has become a lot sexier since a nude service was launched in Cape Town.

Natural Company has a hot, sexy, naked man and woman to clean your home while you relax and take in the view.

The brainchild of Mitchell’s Plain-born Jean-Paul Reid, 29, the company offers a range of services done entirely in the buff.

The services are available in Cape Town, Jo-burg, Durban and Pretoria.

And they offer cleaners, waitresses, plumbers, handymen, models, accountants, chefs, butlers, DJs, massages, photographers, lawyers, landscapers, dancers, computer technicians, personal trainers, yoga instructors, gardening services, hairstylists, scuba divers, interior decorators, bartenders and personal stylists.


“You can do any job naked except be a school teacher of course,” laughs Jean-Paul.

“We are expanding our services, though, and will be offering Spanish lessons soon.

“I am personally looking forward to that because I travel to Spain often so I’m going to take a few lessons.”

Jean-Paul says he came up with the idea while brainstorming job opportunities.

“I was working as an accountant but I lost my job when the company closed down last year,” says Jean-Paul.

“I was unemployed for six months and the bills were piling up.

“So I decided to offer a service that was different – and after research, I found out that naked house cleaning wasn’t offered anywhere else in the world and this is unique to South Africa.”

He posted an ad on Gumtree and the CVs came flying in.

“It just skyrocketed and I haven’t looked back,” explains Jean-Paul.

“Initially people looked at me with different eyes but now they’ve realised that it is a legitimate business.

“I received more than 500 CVs and I had to sift through all of them.”

He says lots of people withdrew their application when they heard that the job required them to be completely kaal.

He says that after the initial interview, candidates have to conduct a second interview in the buff.


“I have to do it because I have to test how comfortable they are when they’re naked,” he says.

“I offer a professional service and my staff can’t be unprofessional when I send them to a client.”

A disclaimer on his website clearly states: “Our staff are for entertainment purposes and not sexual services.

“Inappropriate sexual contact will not be tolerated and any client and staff sexual interaction is not permitted.

“Staff will not unblock toilets or drains or perform any cleaning work that will leave them looking or feeling dirty.

“Soliciting prostitution is not allowed.”

And he says it is an aspect of the service he will not back down on.

“It is not a sexual service. It is a social service, I tell my staff that sometimes the client is just lonely and looking for a bit of company,’ he says.

“Sometimes they just want someone to talk to.”

He screens all his clients and uses several safety measurements before signing a client.

Jean-Paul won’t reveal all the details but says: “They have to provide us with basic details like their name, age, where they live and where the job will take place.

“They have to pay with a South African bank account and once that is done then we have access to their full history.”

If clients won’t pay with an SA card, then he won’t do business with them.

And the safety of his staff is his top priority.

“Lots of my clients are regulars now but when we get a new client, I remain in SMS contact with my staff member throughout the job,” he says.

“In the six months I have been operating I haven’t had any incidents.” - Daily Voice