They may not say it but several celebrities envy Bonang Matheba. She is like a recurring Miss SA living the life few can afford to even dream of. In the past few days she has been tweeting about how she is having a fabulous time in Zambia at the Vic Falls while you and I push paperwork at our designated stations.

For a while she has been flying solo as a presenter on SABC1’s Live after co-host Sizwe Dlomo and Minnie Dlamini both decided to leave and try out other things with their careers.

We all knew it was a matter of time before the show went out there to look for a replacement.

Naturally you’d think it would be so-and-so from that TV show or that singer – but no, little-known Luthando Shosha is the new co-host.

“It hasn’t really sunk in yet. When I was there competing I did not assume anything and so I was taken by genuine surprise,” she said.

The Port Elizabeth resident has to pack all her belongings and move to Joburg and rub shoulders with the stars while she, too, becomes one.

“I have to pack everything I own and now I am ready to go and do this. I lived in Joburg before and I have been trying to move back and this is a great way to do it,” she said.

Going to present with Bonang is like going in the ring with a young Mike Tyson or challenging Caster Semenya to a 800m race. The TV personality has so much mileage in the industry it takes someone special and capable to take on or match that kind of talent.

“When I look at Bonang’s journey I realise how she has put a lot of pressure on all of us aspiring presenters. I am aware that I have a lot to learn, especially because I have never done live broadcasting. I want to perfect my craft in every way possible,” said Shosha.

The one thing about her new job that she is looking forward to is the part where she gets to interview musicians.

“One thing I know is you can never get them to answer in the way you hope and I find that interesting. Even if you prepare questions, there is always room for artists to steer away from your line of questioning and it is the process of bringing them back in that I enjoy a lot.”

SABC1 is proud to have found her and they hope in time she will make a name for herself, as did her predecessors.

“From the beginning the ball was placed in the youths’ court for them to prove they’ve got what it takes, and they did not disappoint, as evidenced by the high standard the talent search produced.

“Congratulations to Luthando for a battle well fought and best wishes to her in her new role as co-presenter on Live,” says Vukile Madlala, the channel’s publicity head.

• Live airs every Friday at 9pm on SABC1.