Bonang Matheba. Picture: Twitter

The local book retailer is offering to refund their customers for Bonang Matheba's error filled book, Bonang: From A to B. 

Exclusive Books stated that: "those customers who have purchased the book and are dissatisfied, are welcome to return the book for a full refund". 

This comes after the huge backlash the TV presenter received after Twitter users picked up several errors in the book. These included the wrong date of Bonang's birthday and several basic grammatical errors that a first-year linguistics student would've picked up on. 

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Bonang has yet to issue an apology for the countless errors and remained mum about the situation. 

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Former bestie, Somizi though took the opportunity to throw shade at Bonang. Posting a meme on his Instagram page and posted a video of him in Exclusive Books stating he was there to check for any "errors". 

Furthermore, Exclusive Books stated that they would consider restocking the book once the current errors are rectified.