Lundi Tiyamara at the Elmi Rehabilitation center in Kempton Park. Talking about his Cocaine habit. Picture Mujahid Safodien 22 01 2003

When you think of gospel folk you never imagine them being devious or malicious. They preach about God’s love and how an honest living is of utmost importance to any Christian. So it comes as a shock when we learn that gospel artists have been involved in shameful conduct.

The latest news comes with the release of Lundi Tyamara’s (pictured) latest album which hit the streets yesterday. A disgruntled Tshepo Ndzimande, Tyamara’s manager, called Tonight to deliver the news that Tyamara had new music to offer, but he was not happy with how the music had been made.

“We discovered that Lundi went out to record an album without our knowledge and that was in breach of our contract,” said Ndzimande, who is the owner of Zuz’Muzi Music, the company that signed Tyamara.

According to Ndzimande, the information he uncovered which lead to the discovery of Tyamara’s deceit, came his way when one of his album’s featured artists called him for his take on a song the artist and Tyamara had made.

“The Jaziel Brothers gave me a call to say they had made a song with Lundi and needed to know what I thought I about it. I told them I was not aware that Lundi had made any new music because we had been trying to get him into studio since late last year, but he would make excuses.

“So as it turns out, he was busy making music behind our backs,” said the irate Ndzimande.

Spelling out the general terms of the contract between his company and Tyamara, Ndzimande said there were still albums to be produced by the talented singer.

“He has made one album and still owes us three more and two optional. We are supposed to have a meeting with him to decide how to proceed from here,” said Ndzimande.

For the label owner, not all is lost as he received the master copy of the new album and then packaged it before marketing it overnight.

“I am glad that we have some honest people in the industry who blew the whistle on this unfortunate incident. We got hold of the people he was working with and because we have the legal papers binding Lundi to us, they could not hold on to the material,” he said.

Although all the music was made without his consent, bizarrely, Ndzimande is happy with the quality of the album.

“I must admit that they did a good job on this. He even featured other artists like Sechaba and the music is going to touch some people out there,” he said.

Ndzimande also pointed out that this would not be the first time Tyamara has done this sort of thing to a record label.

“We worked together once at Bula Music years ago and Lundi pulled that stunt, but I had to save him from the legal implications. I am surprised that he did not learn anything from that experience because he went on to do it again.

“I think the problem is there are some people out there who know his problems and weaknesses and they are taking advantage of that. It is actually sad,” said Ndzimande.

We caught up with Tyamara who appeared stunned to hear about the very idea of the album being out.

“I don't know anything about a new album. I haven't released anything yet,” he said.

On explaining to him that Ndzimande had just released an album which he (Tyamara) had allegedly made without his record label’s consent, the singer’s response became hostile: “Listen my brother, I don’t want to comment on that,” he said before cutting the phone conversation.

• The album Lundi & Friends was released yesterday and is available in major music stores.