It's all the beer!
 Note to all beer lovers! Tomorrow marks the first ever International Beer Day and it will be celebrated annually on the first Satruday of every February. We caught up with beer expert, author and beer day organizer of the day, Lucy Corner and this is what he had to say. 

What gave you the idea to start this day? 
When we first started the idea of International Beer Day, I thought only 20 or so outlets will be interested but now we have about 50. People are really getting on board with that and that's quite cool. There is an international beer day which falls on the first week of August. We don't have anything like that here. I spoke a few breweries and asked them if it wouldn't be cool to have our own beer festival but in the summer. They were excited and so they all came together and they voted for the first Friday of Friday and so this is the first year.  

You are known as the 'beer lady' why are you passionate about beer? 
I am very much involved in the beer industry. I write a lot about beer. I have a beer blog about the culture of beer in South Africa. I run beer courses and handbrewing club s. So beer is really my life. 

What can people expect at the venues? 
I am not organizing any events. I have been encouraging people just co-ordinate and showcase their services in beer. Some people are showing off their craft beer range while others while be showing ways on how to pair some beer with food so it will be very engaging and exciting. I have had people call me to say that they are also taking part and I have never dealt with them before. 

Do you think it is going to be successful?
So far the brewers have got on board and people are getting on board thanks to social media. They are tagging themselves next to the hashtag #SANBrewday and the weather looks good tomorrow and so that will work for us. 

Any words of advice? 
Well it is beer so people should enjoy responsibly. They should make use of transport services like Uber. Then also if you have a chance try out a beer that you have not had before. That's how you grow. 

Interested in getting a bit tipsy? Find out where you could go in your city on her website