Cardi B’s breakout anthem Bodak Yellow (Money Moves) secured the No. 1 spot the Billboard chart.

'Bodak Yellow' director Picture Perfect says Cardi B was almost mauled by a cheetah while shooting the music video.

The 25-year-old rapper shot the music video for her debut single in Dubai and it depicts her as a queen with a throne and a cheetah but things almost went terribly wrong.

Director Picture Perfect told Genius: "We actually got this cheetah from a Sultan out there. I didn't know how hard it was gonna be to get a cheetah out there. We shot this scene we didn't use, and he attacked Cardi in that scene.

"This cheetah scene was really supposed to be Cardi in an exotic car. That's the vibe in Dubai. They ride around with these cats in the passenger seat. We could never get that shot off. We didn't find the guy crazy enough to let us put a cheetah in his passenger seat and I don't think Cardi would've trusted that."

However, they brought in another cheetah and Cardi B agreed to pose alongside it to get the perfect shot. 

He added: "We got her spirits back up ... and this cheetah right here is not the other cheetah from the other scene. This cheetah right here he's eaten about six pounds of deer meat at this time, and he's just calm."

The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker has a lot of career ambitions she'd like to accomplish, but recently admitted she's most looking forward to having a family who she can pass her business empire onto in the future.

She shared: "I really want to accomplish more records, more Billboard hits. I might want to get into acting or designing clothes, but my real goal is to have beautiful kids, a beautiful mansion, and do business that makes me money until the day I die. Then be able pass it on to my children."