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Picture: AP

Chrissy Teigen hits back at trolls after sharing pic of baby Miles in corrective helmet

By Bang Showbiz and IOL Time of article published Dec 4, 2018

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Los Angeles - Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's son has been fitted with a helmet to correct his "adorable misshapen head".

The 'Lip Sync Battle' star shared a photo of six-month-old Miles in the corrective headgear but told her fans and followers not to "feel bad" for him because it would help in the long term.

She wrote on Twitter: "baby miles getting fitted for a little helmet today for his adorable slightly misshapen head. so if you see pictures, don't feel bad for him because he's just fixing his flat and honestly he's probably gonna be even cuter with it somehow (sic)".

While Miles was wearing a white helmet in the photo, Chrissy vowed to get a number of different ones so he can co-ordinate with his outfits.

She posted in the comments of her Instagram account: "I'm gonna get SO many designs."

Though it is unclear why Miles is wearing the helmet, it is likely due to a "very common, very treatable" condition called plagiocephaly, which "causes a baby's head to have a flattened appearance."

Babies who are fitted for the helmets typically wear them for 23 hours a day for around three to six months.

On Wednesday she responded to "trolls", who had apparently questioned the use of the helmet.

Chrissy's tweet led to other parents sharing stories and posting pictures of their children in helmets.

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