Courtney Stodden. Picture: Instagram

The 22-year-old model, who recently split from 56-year-old husband Doug Hutchison after six years of marriage, thinks the chat show queen is "hot."

Asked who her celebrity crush is, the 'Celebrity Big Brother' star said: "Ellen DeGeneres. I feel like she would be a lot of people's celebrity crush. She's hot."

While Ellen is still happily married to wife Portia de Rossi, Courtney and Doug decided to call time on their marriage almost three months ago, but only announced the news recently.

She told "I'm very single."

But the blonde beauty previously admitted her "emotions are still really raw" even though she and 'Green Mile' actor Doug hadn't been getting along for a while.

She said: "I think both of us saw the warning signs for quite some time. Technically we've been split for two-and-a-half to three months now. It's really recent and the emotions are still really raw."

The former couple were left devastated when Courtney miscarried what would have been their first child last July.

The pair previously separated in 2013 so the reality star could "sow her wild oats", but the 'Asphalt' singer later admitted their time apart just made her see what an "incredible man" the actor is.

She said at the time: "He still remained there for me and he still was a really amazing friend to me. So, after I did my thing, got it out of my system, I just saw what an incredible man he was."