Danai Gurira for Reebok. Picture: Twitter

Our very own South African starlet, KNaomi, was the first African woman to be a Reebok ambassador a few years ago. Last week, it was announced that Zimbabwean actress and director, Danai Gurira, is one of the new faces of the brand.

This is particularly notable because the filmmaker has had a resurge of attention thrown her way because she is one of the stars of blockbuster superhero film, Black Panther. She was already a pretty big deal because of all the work she did on The Walking Dead.

But her Black Panther character, Okoye, is the leader of the incredible Dora Milaje and she should really be seen as a superhero in her right because she kicks butt and takes names like one — and doesn’t need de strength of de bleck penther to be stripped ay-way or ingested in order to do it.

What’s interesting is that Gurira does not care to be seen as a fashionista. Instead, as she tweeted, she is “excited to encourage women in our pursuit to be the very best version of ourselves and #BeMoreHuman.”