DJ Zinhle. Picture: Supplied

Chatting with YouTube personality Dennis Ngango in a segment called "DJ Zinhle and I give relationship advice", the local DJ opened up about how she connected with AKA, learning how to forgive, and also revealed that she will be releasing a "self-help" book next month. 

Speaking about forgiveness and relationships, the 'My Name Is' hitmaker said: "My first real lesson with forgiveness was with my dad when he passed. Not forgiving is when you are angry and holding a grudge... it's energy. It's exhausting.

"And you have to wake up every day and remember that that person did you wrong ...  Learning comes from accepting that this was meant to happen and understanding that there's a lesson."

Zinhle also revealed that she connected with rapper AKA — the father of her two-year-old daughter, Kairo — by sliding into his DMs.

“I slid into the father of my child’s Twitter years ago. And I was like, ‘yo, do you wanna do a song together?’. I didn’t want to do a song with nobody, but I was just like this guy is cool.” 

Zinhle also revealed that she receives messages from people who have been cheated on looking for relationship advice, adding that she will she will be releasing a motivational book — "written with the understanding of the African voice, African women" — next month. The book is aptly titled "Meeting Your Power".

“I’m releasing a book, I’ve never said this on any media platform before, on the first of June it’s going to be out at all CNA stores,” she said.

Watch the segment below.