Drake. Picture: Reuters
Drake. Picture: Reuters

Drake takes legal action against woman who claims he got her pregnant

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Sep 19, 2018

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Drake is reportedly seeking unspecified damages from Layla Lace for civil extortion, emotional distress, fraud, defamation, and abuse of process, after she alleged he impregnated her, and he claims she made a false rape allegation against him, which is said to have been referred to Manchester police but they decided against taking the matter further. 

Drake admits in the suit, which has been obtained by TMZ, that he met Layla after a show in Manchester, north west England, during his 'Boy Meets World Tour' in February 2017, and he claims afterwards they had consensual sex and she "voluntarily and seemingly happily performed oral sex". 

He is said to have sent her home rather than take her on tour with him, which is said to have left her infuriated, and Drake claims in the suit, which was filed by celebrity lawyer Larry Stein, that she then created a "fantasy relationship" with him after sending him numerous text messages in the following weeks. 

Several messages, purportedly sent from Layla to Drake, appear in the lawsuit, and he says he didn't have the "time or energy to respond".

The suit also claims Layla refused to take a paternity test, and reads: "There is no credible evidence of pregnancy, nor any baby, which would have been born last fall."

In April 2017, Layla told her Instagram followers she was pregnant, and she later appeared on a radio show claiming she was "100 per cent sure" that Drake had impregnated her. 

When asked "how sure" she was that she is "pregnant by Drake and not somebody else", she replied: "Let me tell you something, I have a child, I'm a mother already. I know who I sleep with unprotected. Period. So ... it's 100 per cent sure. He knows it, so at the end of the day I will just leave it like that."

When asked what his response was when she told him she was pregnant, Layla replied: "He pretty much was like, 'Oh, what's wrong?' And then I told him, and he pretty much was like, 'I'm going to call you back,' and the phone calls just stopped. Everything stopped."

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