A scene from Penelope Cruz's Agent Provocateur "film".

Johannesburg - Sultry Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is an Agent Provocateur.

At the helm for her second advertisement for the lingerie label, Cruz pulls out all the stops with a sexy fantasy featuring stripping models and a thirsty hunk.

In the L’Agent AW14 collection teaser, the scene is set in a desert where a young man, desperate for water, crawls through the burning sand.

However, instead of spotting a mirage in the distance, he spots a group of scantily-clad woman dancing. As he nears his fantasy oasis, the women pour water over themselves. Having reached his titillating destination, the thirsty traveller licks the water of the bare legs of the dancing models.

Cruz, who delivered the models in a red cadillac, looks on as they smother the male model with their near-naked bodies.

“I loved having the opportunity to direct my second L ’Agent by Agent Provocateur film, I’m really proud of the brand and loved directing both campaigns,” said Cruz

“I felt it was really important to create a very sensual film that could also tell a little story, like the first one I did.

“I got the idea f or the film while I was listening to the track from Optimist, ‘Single Dutch’, by Eduardo Cruz. His music always inspires me so much”.

YouTube viewers didn’t hold back in critiquing the ad.

“Wow, cheesy much?,” was LiatheShyr’s comment, to which Damgle replied: “and a deadmau5-ish tune. go figure. lol (sic)”.

That’s nice added: “The worst soundtrack ever written. But video is ok, thanks (sic).”

Kristina Kolesnyk said: ”Pure nonsense is OK only as long as the models are pretty, how did AP go so far from its standards? (sic)”

A slightly harsher evaluation came from rdestloup, who said the ad was “as cheap as Penelope Cruz herself”.

Edensteinberg1 said: “I rarely saw something of such a bad taste! Agent Provocateur is supposed to reflect fresh charm and lifestyle. This is just vulgar wanna be sexy s**t (sic)”.

Others were more complimentary. Jovan Gorgievski offered a simple: “awesome daddy likes :D”. Meglena Trifonova thought it was “so sexy” and marga azcorra was happy with the finished product, saying: “Congratulations Penelope, thats the way!”

- Tonight Reporter