UK guitarist Ronny Jordan

Ronny Jordan, one of the leading lights of the acid jazz movement, has died. He was 51.

Jordan’s career took off in the early nineties, on the back of his 1992 solo album ‘The Antidote’. The guitarist’’s brand of music - acid jazz - is a blend of jazz, soul, funk, disco and hip hop. Jordan, however, preferred to call his music ‘urban jazz’.

His follow-up album, The Quiet Revolution, in 1993 won him many mainstream fans, particularly through the success of the single ‘The Jackal’. The song was revived in 2000, when actress Allison Janney lip-synched to it during an episode of ‘The West Wing’. That same year, Jordan’s album, ‘A Brighter Day’, reached no10 on the Billboard Jazz Charts and also earned him a Grammy nomination. In his career, Jordan recorded nine solo albums, and won a slew of international awards.

Jordan’s untimely passing was confirmed by his brother and sister, who set up a tribute Facebook page in his honour.

“We appreciate that Ronny has got many fans around the world and so we ask that you keep an eye out for further announcements in relation to his funeral arrangements,” they wrote.

The cause of Jordan’s death has yet to be confirmed. - Tonight Reporter