Kehlani schooled on the pronunciation of her name on first visit to SA

Kehlani. Picture: Instagram

Kehlani. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 15, 2022


On her recent visit to South Africa, the US singer and dancer Kehlani rocked the stages of the “Rocking The Daisies” festival, where she performed in Cape Town and Johannesburg .

The R&B singer sat down with muso Siyabonga “Slikour” Metane for an intimate interview on his “Slikour On Life“ hip hop publication, where he dives into the lives of local hip hop artists.

While chatting to Kehlani, three minutes into the nine-minute interview, he raised the question on whether she had been asked about the pronunciation of her name before.

To which she replied: “You guys gotta teach me because I have been asked about this before and I wasn’t able to because I guess the ‘hl’ is like…”

Slikour quickly saved her as he could see she was struggling to get out the correct sound to complete her pronunciation.

Even though the rapper was trying to sound it out for her in parts, Kehlani was not keen to try to pronounce her name and said: “My ear can’t even hear the difference between what I’m doing and what you’re doing and that’s just … damn I’m so American.”

Kehlani said she welcomes others to call her their preferred version of her name while she is in Mzansi.

She also sent a shout-out to local DJ sensation Uncle Waffles.

“She’s fine, we all agree, it’s not just a me thing, but we can all agree Uncle Waffles is bad.”

Kehlani also made it known that she would like to come to South Africa again to host her own show next time.

“I would like to come back and have my own show. We’ve seen the reaction from people and saw that they are so excited. I want to have a Kehlani show.”

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