Artist Kesha. PICTURE: Supplied
Artist Kesha. PICTURE: Supplied

Kesha was "devastated" by Dr. Luke lawsuit

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jan 19, 2017

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The 'Tik Tok' hitmaker was involved in a very public feud with the music producer over her contract after she accused Dr. Luke of sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abusing her for a number of years.

She said: "When you work really hard at something, then to have it taken away from you is pretty devastating. I worked my ass off for a lot of years to be able to do it.

"I sang backup vocals and the first couple songs I was on, I didn’t give a f**k because I just had this one vision. Once you earn that and make that happen, then to have it taken away from you is pretty devastating. It is definitely like a mind-f**k."

However, the 29-year-old singer is looking forward to the future and wants to return to her Nashville roots with her new music.

She told Noisey: "I’ve always loved country music and listened to it a lot growing up, so now I’m like kind of allowing myself to just tap into like my music roots a little more recently.

"Here, it really is the utmost importance to tell the story, and that’s really what songwriting is about – the song is the most important thing."

Meanwhile, Kesha previously opened up about her battle with anxiety and depression and how she intends to "showcase her vulnerabilities" on her new album.

She said: "I’ve battled a lot of things, including anxiety and depression. Finding the strength to come forward about those things is not easy. But maybe, by telling my story, I can help someone else going through tough times ... I’ve grown into an adult woman who realises the power of my voice ...

"[My new songs] will showcase my vulnerabilities as a strength and not as a weakness. In the past, I always felt like I was trying to prove something. Now, I’m writing what I want to share with the world, rather than trying to give the world what it wants. For better or worse, I’m just me."

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