Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Picture: Instagram
‘No big deal’, Kanye gets Kenny G to serenade Kim for Valentines.

“Best husband award goes to mine!!!! Most thoughtful gifts ever!!!!, wrote reality TV star Kim Kardashian West after his rapper husband Kanye got Kenny G to serenade her at her home for Valentine’s Day.

Taking to social media on Thursday, Kim shared the Valentines' surprise video with legendary  saxophonist standing in the middle of an empty room surrounded by individual pink, white and red roses. Each long stemmed rosed nicely placed in glass vases full of water line-up on the floor.

Looking dapper in a black and white suit, the legendary is seen playing "Somewhere over the rainbow" as a treat 'The Keeping With The Kardashians' star right in the centre of her living room.

While some were gushing over Kanye's romantic gesture, others started comparing what they got for Valentine's Day.