Liam Payne

The 'Only Human' singer and the former One Direction hunk - who have 17-month-old son Bear together - announced they had made the "tough decision" to end their two-year romance last month and, although they've had a little more time to come to terms with it, Liam has admitted he's finding the break up tough. 

Speaking on the Official Vodafone Big Top 40, he said: "Yeah, no I'm feeling ok, I'm a bit fragile at times. No I'm alright you know, it's been ok. Obviously there's a lot of stuff I've still got to sort out with my life but...

"You're tryna like, you break up and like obviously we've broken up and then it was like a couple of days or a couple of weeks before we actually like put the announcement out and that's the bit when it really hits home I guess but at the same point it's like breaking up twice like, we already did this once and now I'm having to go through all of that again just because..."

The 24-year-old singer has also hinted that he wasn't the one who initiated the split as he has admitted the decision to separate was "unexpected."

He explained: "I didn't really expect any of this obviously and it's difficult. I think sometimes people need to remember that behind all those statements and things there are actually people who are going through the same sort of stuff that you go through whether they're famous, rich or whatever they are, it doesn't matter."

Although Liam has thrown himself into his music since splitting from the 35-year-old pop star, his emotions have affected his long-awaited debut solo album.

He said recently: "I have enough songs for it and was ready to put it out.

"But I kind of feel like some of the songs I'm not ready to put out right now with the way I'm feeling. I don't know.

"To be honest with you, life's took a little bit of a different turn as of late, so I'm kind of going with that turn and being honest with my feelings and stuff."