Joe Budden and Nicki Minaj. Picture: Instagram
In the latest episode of Queen Radio, Nicki Minaj interviewed Joe Budden on Monday where she set the record straight about accusations he made about her. 

The interview kicked off with Minaj reading a tweet from Budden which said "the Barbz really hate Joe Budden", to which the "Pump It Up" rapper said his therapist told him that no matter the hate he should always lead with compassion. 

The "Hot Girl Summer" rapper goes on to address the times Budden has called her a liar. The most recent incident being Budden claiming on his show that the Instagram Live was planned between her and Megan Thee Stallion. Further claiming that the song was already done with her on the track. Minaj refuted these claims and said that it was all organic and she never heard the song before that. 

The next topic the "Chun Lee" hitmaker brought up was the making of "Motorsport" that also features her arch-rival Cardi B. 

Budden previously claimed that Minaj didn't know Cardi was going to be on the song. To which Minaj said that she still has the text messages from Quavo asking if Cardi can be on the track and Minaj replied with "yeah let's do it".

Minaj then went to say that this was yet another example of him making her out to be a lair. 

However, the big argument occurred when Budden returned from his smoke break and Minaj brought up when Budden claimed that the "Good Form" rapper was allegedly on drugs after the first time they met. 

This resulted in Minaj going on a full-on rant regarding how Budden talks over people and how he likes to teardown women when they can't respond. Claiming that he is jealous of successful women and when he asked if he could respond she simply said: "'no". 

Throughout the whole segment, the Barbz shared their thoughts on the interview as it was going along and praised Minaj for dragging Budden.

While casual fans were more critical about Minaj's behaviour on the air. 

Last week Budden was also a hot topic on the Twitter streets after "The Brew Podcast" posted their 50 greatest rappers of all-time list with him nabbing the third spot.