Marlon Wayans and his daughter Amai Zackery. Picture: Instagram
Marlon Wayans and his daughter Amai Zackery. Picture: Instagram

Marlon Wayans is proud of queer daughter #PrideMonth

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jun 5, 2019

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Marlon Wayans is so proud of his queer daughter, 19-year-old Amai, and has taken to Instagram.

The 46-year-old comic actor took to his Instagram account to share a photo of Amai, 19, which showed her displaying the soles of her sneakers which had been painted in the rainbow colours of the Pride flag which celebrates LGBTQI+ community.

Along the snap - posted at the start of Pride month - he wrote: "Happy pride to my pride and joy. I wouldn't change one effing thing about you. Love you to the moon around the sun through the galaxies and back again."

The 'Scary Movie 2' star - who has Amai with his ex-wife Angelica Zachary as well as 17-year-old son Shawn - received numerous messages of his support and praise for his post, however, some trolls chose to question his decision to support his daughter coming out with one specifically questioning if she is old enough to know that she is a lesbian.

But Marlon confidently defended his child and vowed that he will love her no matter what she does or who she is.

He responded: "She's 19. She's who she is until or until she don't choose different. Love her for her not what i want her to be."

Some of his fans on social media fans urged him to ignore messages from the haters, but he decided to keep the nasty comments visible because he wants to show the world how much "ignorance still exists."

He wrote: "I thought of erasing them but I need the world to see the ignorance that still exists. Objective without obstacles is a worthless triumph. We all will someday get to unconditional love. Because of my daughter I am one step closer. I am not God, I don't judge I just LOVE. And still pray for the haters because I refuse to judge them too I just love."

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