British singer and reality star Mel B

Mel B has claimed that the tyres of her Range Rover have been "slashed".

The Spice Girls star claims she went to do the school run this week when she found the wheels of her Range Rover had been damaged.

She wrote on Instagram: "Really? Ok when I wake up to do my school run,and wow my Range Rover tiers are slashed 🤔and you don't think I no who you are,haha it's laughable #iseeyou #monsterdevil #butimhappywithoutyou #singlelifeprobles #fakepeople #mentalabuseawareness (sic)"

Mel has had a tough time of it lately following her lengthy divorce battle with Stephen Belafonte and recently vowed to "text herself" a supportive message to remind herself she is loved.

She wrote on Instagram: "unanswered text is everything FYI you may know my name but not my story,you maybe have herd what I've done but not what I've been threw but soon you will,so in the mean time I'm just gonna text myself this as a reminder,I may not have come from the perfect home but I was loved by my family,I may not be in the most favorable situation in life currently but trust me I soon will be by speaking my truth coz i refuse to give up shut up and just settle,my heart and my intentions are pure and honest,and that alone makes me stand and fight for what I believe in ...

"I'm focused I work hard I support and raise my 3 beautiful daughters all alone and every day I show them how I'm handling Bisiness and taking back my life bit by bit,wearing the goddess crown my babies gave me proudly ... I no the cards I've been dealt with willchange for the better and change indeed very very soon, a lot of people WILL be eating there cruel dishonest disgusting words,me well I'm humble coz I no where I started,I'm full of life coz i made it out alive, (sic)."