Nadia Jafta. Picture: Instagram
YouTube sensation and influencer Nadia Jafta made the cover of Cosmopolitan two years after she pranked her mom with a fake magazine cover with her face on it.

The 26-year-old Grassy Park model posted an appreciation post on Instagram on Monday, showing a throwback video of her mother’s reaction to her fake Cosmopolitan cover compared to the current one she took on Monday when she revealed the March Influencer Issue of the Cosmopolitan magazine. 

In her video, she is seen showing off the magazine to her extremely proud mother and captioned it: “ About 2 years ago I pranked my mom and told her that I was on the cover of Cosmo. Never in my WILDEST DREAMS did I think that it would actually happen I’m so so grateful. ( sic)"

An excited Nadia told the Daily Voice: "I was very excited when I got the news that I was selected as one of three influencers to feature on the cover of Cosmopolitan.

"It’s literally been my dream to feature in, let alone grace the cover of an international magazine like Cosmo.

"Two years ago I pranked my mother with a fake cover and it’s crazy that this year it was actually a reality for me.

"It’s such a great opportunity for me to empower women across the country knowing what a great reach the magazine has.

"I still believe that after all my growth over the last two years, that this is still the beginning for me and I’m super excited to do even bigger and better things this year.

"I’ll be releasing my debut music EP which will hopefully be out in the first half of 2019, so look out for that."

Daily Voice

Nadia features alongside Mihlali Ndamade and Jessica Van Heerden.