Australian actress Margot Robbie. Picture: AP
Margot Robbie has revealed she once prank-called Prince Harry.

The 27-year-old I, Tonya actress admitted that her showbiz pal, Cara Delevingne, with whom she starred in Suicide Squad, once convinced her to play a joke on the flame-haired royal by phoning him and pretending to be somebody else.

“Cara knows Harry and while we were filming Suicide Squad she was, like, ‘let’s prank-call him’,” said Robbie. “I said, ‘We can’t prank-call royalty,’ but we did, and he was so cool with it.”

Robbie wouldn’t elaborate on the details of the call, but insisted the 33-year-old royal “is the coolest”.

“Prince Harry is so nice. England literally has the coolest royalty in the world.”

And that wasn’t the only run-in with the royal Robbie had either. At a party in 2016 she ended up crammed into a photo booth with Harry, his cousin, Princess Eugenie, actress Sienna Miller, Cara and her sister, Poppy Delevingne.

Robbie said: “There were five of us in this photo booth and I didn’t realise until I was inside that one of the people was Prince Harry.”

Harry “loved” the photo booth, and Robbie thinks he should get one for his wedding reception after his wedding to Meghan Markle on May 19.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “He loved the booth, though, I think he should get one for the wedding for sure.”

It isn’t just royals that Margot and her Suicide Squad cast mates terrorised either. The blonde beauty recently revealed she and her co-stars had a “wild time” while on the Suicide Squad set, although she couldn’t divulge any details.

“I definitely can’t talk about any of this stuff. I would just say it’s a few things that happened when we were shooting. Some real experiences!

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It was a wild time, though.”