Priyanka Chopra. Picture: Instagram

Priyanka Chopra has revealed what she wants her guests to buy her when she ties the knot with Nick Jonas, and her list includes a wine decanter, a throw pillow and dinner plates.

She told People magazine: "A lot of people get so stressed about weddings and I think we lose the charm. [Wedding planning] is fun - and it should be! Amazon makes sense for a registry because there are such incredible things you can find under one roof. These are the kinds of things I want when I build a home. I've always been an entertainer. My home is always bustling with loved ones. I have a very close-knit set of friends and so does Nick and I like being a host."

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Priyanka and Nick have hired an Indian palace for their wedding, booking the lavish Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur.

An insider said: "There are several events leading up to the wedding, including a Christian ceremony, which will all be in India. They will culminate with the Indian wedding on December 1 at the palace, where they will tie the knot under a traditional four-pillar structure, a mandap. There is a mehndi event planned, where they will be decorated with henna body art, among other traditional Hindi pre-wedding events."

And Priyanka and Nick are ready to tie the knot "'sooner than later''. 

The source shared: "Priyanka has already been planning the wedding for a couple of months now and is excited to call Nick her husband one day. Priyanka and Nick are on the same page about wanting to get married earlier rather than later, and are telling friends it will most likely be next year.''