Richard E Grant File picture: Fred Thornhill/Reuters

Richard E. Grant had to seek medical treatment when he was hit on the head by a metal bar, but he's now on the mend.

The 60-year-old actor caused concern among his fans when he tweeted to thank the nurses who had looked after him when he sought treatment following the mystery accident.

He posted: "Am truly indebted to Nurses Holly & Theresa at Stroud NHS hospital for sorting out my head wound this evening.Heavy metal bar clonked my cranium and they kindly cleaned me up & glued me together again like Humpty Dumpty! (sic)"

It is believed Richard was at his home in the Cotswolds when he got hurt.

The 'Withnail and I' star later covered up the wound with a cap in the style of those worn on popular drama series 'Peaky Blinders' and claimed he'd be wearing headgear until he was fully healed.

He shared a photo of himself in his hat and wrote: "Thank you for all the kind messages of support. Wearing a cover-up cap till I'm Peaky Blinder better!"

The 'Logan' actor has not had a great 2018 so far.

Richard saw in the New Year in South Africa, but his celebrations were dampened when he was robbed at a cash point in Cape Town.

At the time, he shared a photo of the stunning scenery of the city but captioned the image: "Feel like a right mug having been mugged at an ATM in Cape Town. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr (sic)"

The 'Spice World' actor had been in Swaziland to visit his family over the festive period, before heading to nearby Cape Town to continue his holiday.