Actress Whoopi Goldberg makes a tribute to honoree Donald Sutherland at the 2017 Governors Awards at The Ray Dolby Ballroom on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017, in Los Angeles. Picture: AP

Whoopi Goldberg has joked about being visited by the ghost of Patrick Swayze.

The 'Ghost' actress was talking about working with her late co-star on Jerry Zucker's 1990 movie during an appearance at the upcoming Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, as she looked at photos from her career, when a picture moved of its own accord.

Speaking to Jessica Niebel, acting head of curatorial affairs, Whoopi said: "Jerry's our director, and he's explaining what we're supposed to be doing, but I suspect he's saying to Patrick, 'Now, you can't keep telling jokes...' "

At this moment, the picture fell forward, and the star looked up and quickly added: "See, you know that's what he's saying to you, you know that's why you moved it."

Another eerie moment came as she was recalling a scene from Zucker's 1980 comedy 'Airplane!', and initially struggled to remember actress Barbara Billingsley's name, instead just saying she played the mum on 'Leave It to Beaver'.

Some of the lights in the room went out for a moment, and she said: "Barbara Billingsley, yes I remember. Barbara Billingsley is the lady who said, 'Yes, I speak jive...' [in 'Airplane!'] and I suspect like most of us, wants to be called by her name!"

Whoopi chatted about both experiences during 'The View' on Monday, and admitted it "freaked" her out a bit.

She said: "We were standing there, and both times, the folks who edited this [footage] double checked to see if my elbow had moved something or whether something had gone out [with the electrics], but no, [the photo] popped off [on its own], and the Barbara Billingsley thing freaked everybody out.

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