Controversial Joburg mining tycoon Kenny Kunene

A lot more sushi, plenty of beautiful models, only the best alcohol, and entertainment to blow the mind are just a small part of what Capetonians can expect at the multi-million rand ZAR Mayhem bash next weekend.

So says controversial Joburg mining tycoon Kenny Kunene, who will be hosting the party with business partner Gayton McKenzie to mark the pre-launch of their new ZAR nightclub at the luxurious five star Cape Royal hotel next month.

The ZAR Mayhem pre-launch party, which will be combined with the J&B Met after party at the Waterfront studios next Saturday in Cape Town, has been labelled by Kunene as “the best party South Africa has ever seen”.

“If you thought my birthday party was big, wait till you see the ZAR Mayhem bash,” boasted Kunene.

“As always we will be having sushi served on male and female models. We will have the finest whiskies and French champagnes on offer, and a very long list of South African celebrities and political heavyweights will be joining us at the bash,” he added.

“We will also have 20 beautiful models serving the customers all night, which I think everyone will really like.”

Kunene, forever known as the King of Sushi after his birthday party last year – when sushi was served on the bodies of women clad only in their underwear – added that along with the hundreds of celebrities attending the bash, the country’s finest musicians and DJs would be keeping the crowd entertained.

“We are keeping it a surprise who will be performing at the bash. But I can tell you it will be South Africa’s finest,” said Kunene.

“Cape Town will never be the same after the ZAR Mayhem bash.

“Also, all the guests from the J&B Met will attend, so we expect many celebrities next weekend,” he added.

Asked how much money he would be splashing to throw the party, Kunene said: “I don’t really like giving figures out, about how much money I am spending.

“However what I can tell you is that it will be way more than what I spent on my birthday party.”

Kunene is rumoured to have blown R700 000 on his 40th birthday party.

He added that there were several plans in place to open a number of other ZAR clubs in the country.

“Once the ZAR club has been officially opened in Cape Town next month we will work on opening one in Durban.

“We are also keen to open nightclubs in other African countries, which will be a dream come true for me,” he said.

Meanwhile Kunene also took the opportunity to lash out at those who had been critical of his extravagant spending.

“I work hard at earning my money so am allowed to spend it the way I want to.

“Many people in this country are rich but spend their money behind closed doors, and they are the ones who are hypocritical about my spending. It angers me,” said Kunene.

“I did not come into the corporate world just to fit in. I came to conquer it and what I do with my money is my business.” -Saturday Star