Lee-Anne Liebenberg. Photo: Matthew Jordaan

Sultry model Lee-Ann Liebenberg claims she was sexually harassed while partying up a storm at a Camps Bay restaurant. The alleged incident took place at Cafe Caprice on Sunday night, while new mother Liebenberg and a group of friends were in the midst of racking up a whopping R75 000 bill for French champagne.

According to Media24.com, Liebenberg’s polo player fiance, Nicky van der Walt, aggresively confronted her alleged assailant at around 11pm. Van der Walt apparently let his fists do most of the talking, after which Liebenberg and her friends were asked to leave the restaurant. Liebenberg posted on Twitter that she had been attacked that same evening.

“Someone touched her in an inappropriate manner. She feels humiliated and shy,” her agent said.

But the manager of Caprice is laying the blame squarely at Liebenberg’s door.

Michael Mouneimne claims Liebenberg is seeking attention.

“She wasn't harassed. A man bumped into her by mistake in the very full restaurant and she pretended that he harassed her,” he said.

Mouneimne added that the Liebenberg crowd had been rowdy.

“They were drunk and went crazy. They even showered each other with the champagne.”

Things then got even crazier. After Van der Walt allegedly laid into Liebenberg, another member of their party started hitting Mouneimne. It was then that they were asked to pay their R60 000 bill for Veuve Clicquot, Dom Perignon and Moët and leave.

The group, however, were determined to keep the party going. They apologised for the dust-up and were allowed back in just after midnight, where they spent a further R15 000 on champagne.

According to Liebenberg’s agent, the model will not be pressing charges. He also denied that anyone was drunk. - IOL