Riky Rick. Picture: Twitter
Local rapper Riky Rick aka King Kotini is slaying in Italy.

The fashion enthusiast is attending the Gucci Fashion Show in Milan, Italy, this week.

King Kotini is one of the exclusive guests of creative director Alessandro Michele at the fall/winter 2017 and 2018 Women and Men's Fashion Show at the Gucci headquarters.

And guess what, all his travelling arrangements have been covered by Gucci. 
And to to add the cherry on top he has been scheduled to meet the label's president and chief executive officer Marco Bizzarri as well as attend a private Gucci showroom presentation...just how awesome is that!

King Kotini is clearly having the time of his life in Milan, he wrote this morning:

"Life only gets better when you make the decision to live it to fullest. Sitting back wont help. Talking about it wont help. You gotta get up and work towards your vision. When people around you feel your energy they will do anything to help your movement. BE STRONG. ENJOY THE JOURNEY. STAY SHINING. 
Talk about the Gucci swag:
Make no mistake, this is the real deal! "Life is Gucci"