Thabang Moleya. Picture: Twitter
Thabang Moleya. Picture: Twitter

Actor and filmmaker Thabang Moleya celebrates 8 years of sobriety

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published May 12, 2020

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Multi-award winning filmmaker Thabang Moleya opened up about his battle with alcohol and substance abuse and being clean for 8 years now.  

Taking Twitter on Monday, Moleya who is part of the creative team of Mzansi Magic’s hit drama series "Gomora" reflected on his recovery. In a series of tweets, he touched on the challenges he encounters every day to ensure that he doesn’t go back the life of alcohol and substance abuse. 

He wrote: “Yesterday (10th May) marked my 8 year anniversary of sobriety. Sometimes it feels like yesterday walking into a rehabilitation centre. Not walking, crawling in, resisting, kicking and fighting at any suggestion that wasn't my own.

He spoke about his many attempts to seek help, he said: “ (I) tried asking for help but couldn't find the words. Sometimes the scars we carry will help others find healing and know that this journey doesn't have to be alone. Most of the demons I have faced and some are dealt with, in rigorous honesty with oneself."

He added, expressing his gratitude for his will power and determination to stay clean, also thanking everyone who assisted him in his journey of sobriety, he expressed: “One thing I know for certain. It's better to see the demons in the light than have them chasing you in the dark. Just for today I can be grateful for another day clean of alcohol and substance abuse. The brightest light often shines from the darkest places.”

Taking to Twitter, fans and industry friends showed their love and continuous support to the Tembisa-born star.

More messages of encouragement flooded Moleya’s timeline.

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