AKA. Picture: Instagram
AKA. Picture: Instagram

AKA blows off The Shade Room comparing Cruz Banana to Got2B Glued hair spray

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Nov 30, 2020

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AKA has received some interesting reactions following the announcement of his launching Cruz Banana Deluxe Vodka, and The Shade Room also decided to be a bit spicy.

The popular Instagram blogging gossip page shared a picture of Cruz Banana Deluxe Vodka alongside a bottle of Got2B Glued hair spray – which is a popular product used by those who wear wigs, in the installation process.

In the now-deleted post, they made fun of the new flavour, comparing it to the popular hairspray since they do have a number of similarities looks-wise.

They said in the post: “Not #CruzVodka looking like a can of #Got2Be freezing spray”.

The “Cross My Heart” hitmaker got a screenshot of the post and said: ”People hating got my product on The Shade Room. Now 21.5 million more people know about #BananaDeluxe ... thank you so much! Keep it up!!!“

According to Hype Magazine, the Cruz Banana Deluxe carries the smooth five-times distilled core of the Cruz range. They mention that people can expect a crafted balance between indulgence and refreshment, with the banana flavour as the star of the show and a tasteful hint of vanilla to top it off.

Speaking about the new creation, AKA said that he wanted to create a banana-flavoured vodka because it has never been done before – that it is always about the vibes and taking it to the next level.

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