AKA declines to trade blows with Big Zulu: ‘I’ve spent a lot of time on nonsense’

Rappers AKA and Big Zulu. Picture: Instagram

Rappers AKA and Big Zulu. Picture: Instagram

Published Aug 24, 2022


“Drop your diss track and show Big Zulu how it’s done,” tweeted a fan, egging rapper AKA on to respond to the rapper’s “150 Bars” track which has been the topic of conversation all week.

After the song’s release on August 19, AKA had criticised Big Zulu for what many considered as a half-hearted approach to his diss track after he simultaneously complimented the artists he’d mentioned in the song.

“You can’t make a diss track then big everyone up at the end. That’s not Hip Hop,” AKA tweeted.

He added: “There is no such thing as an Ubuntu diss track.”

Since the song’s release and AKA’s subsequent comments, rapper K.O has released a response of his own titled “Omega Freestyle”, which has been largely well received by local hip hop fans.

Despite AKA’s disapproval of Big Zulu’s approach to his diss song and K.O also spicing things up with his response, AKA says he won’t be releasing one of his own.

He responded to the tweet: “No thank you. I’m just focused on making the best music I can for the Megacy. I’ve spent a lot of time on beef and all types of nonsense over the past few years. I will most definitely be sitting this one out.”

With AKA having not released a single song all year, fans have been on his case about dropping something new for the summer. Earlier this week Stogie T, formerly known as Tumi Molekane, shared a snippet of an unreleased single featuring AKA.

While there are rumours that he’ll be releasing something soon with Nasty C, AKA has been mum about whether he’ll be releasing a new single or an album and when it’ll come.

“Just a little more time left. Everything shall reveal itself,” he tweeted.