AKA. Picture: Instagram
Local rapper AKA sat wondering why South African Airways doesn't have a 100% local playlist as he was waiting for the aeroplane to take flight.

It bothered the 'Daddy Issues' rapper  so much that he decided to ask the airline why in a not so well thought out tweet. 

Once tweeps caught wind of the rapper's tweet, many users poked fun at his request.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali said that they are committed to supporting local content, but they have to cater to all their customers' preferences. 

"There must be no doubt in the minds of our local artists about opportunities to showcase their music on our platforms. We support local content and will continue to carry it on our on-board platforms as part of our in-flight entertainment content. We are equally cognisant of the space in which we operate. We are a pan African airline with a global footprint. This means we must accommodate the preferences of all our customers." 

Furthermore, Thali states that "copyright and licensing requirements to equipment and budget" play a big part in want kind of content they are able to have on their flights.