AKA. Picture: Blaq Smith/Instagram
AKA. Picture: Blaq Smith/Instagram

AKA flexes on social media, 'slams' young rappers

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Jul 2, 2018

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Local rapper AKA is revelling in the success of his final album 'Touch My Blood' and saw it fit to share some of his sage-like advice on why he is so successful. 

Always one to toot his own horn, the 'Daddy Issues II' rapper took to Twitter and Instagram at the weekend to slam other local artists for their inability to give their fans something to appreciate.

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In the post featuring four pictures from one of his shows, AKA said that he while people throw shots at him it's because they don't give their fans an experience and are "jumping around on stage with a mic rapping over an MP3 thinking you special".

The rapper was clearly in an advice-giving mood and went on Instagram to give his opinion on why other artists aren't finding success. 

"I think the reason why a lot of artists don’t find success, is because they don’t sound authentic. There’s too much cut and paste going on right now, especially from the younger guys."

Supa Mega then went on to explain why his album is so successful making it clear that it's the full South African influence of his album. 

"Let me tell you why this album is so big right now. It’s solely for one reason ... It is the most South African album I have ever made 🇿🇦 you can debate what that statement means in sonics terms but what you cannot deny ... Is that I clearly know what the f**k I am doing."

AKA's fans had a good chuckle about his advice. 

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