Rapper AKA. Picture:Instagram/Blaq Smith

When AKA woke up this morning, he was clearly thinking of three things: money, Bonang Matheba and having fun. 

The local rapper then decided to share a quote from his long-time celebrity girlfriend on Twitter. He wrote: "You can't have fun if you don't have money" - Bonang Matheba (sic).

At this point, tweeples starting flexing their fingers as they unleashed the wrath of Mzansi, and dragged the celebrity star couple from A to B for throwing shade at people who do not have 'celebrity status' money.

Here are some of their responses:

One user even did some research to disprove Bonang's theory.

While another criticised them 'for making money their God'.

It seems that celebrities need to keep some of their thoughts off social media, if they don't want rub their fans the wrong way.

Last week, DJ Euphonik also landed himself in hot water after he told fans that they shouldn't get caught up in the Black Friday trap.