AKA. Picture: Instagram

Local rapper AKA has weighed in on his how to end racism saying that "interracial sex" is the way to go.

Following the emergence of Adam Catzavelos' racist video, which was filmed while he was in Greece, racism yet again dominated headlines with many weighing in on the matter, and the "Daddy Issues II" rapper also felt the need share his thoughts on the matter.

Taking to Twitter, AKA — who has a three-year-old daughter with DJ Zinhle — wrote: "Also nothing is going to kill racism faster than interracial sex ... save the world ok" with the prayer emoji. 

Followed by a tweet saying the world needs "more mixed babies please". 

Tweeps were not impressed by his remarks with many pointing out anti-blackness within the coloured community, that mixed race/coloured people also face racism while others just laughed at the ridiculousness of his statement.