Bonang Matheba. Picture: Instagram
Media personality Bonang Matheba's book will be available March 2017, up until now, we could only guess the contents but Queen B has went ahead and shared what we can expect.

 1. It's working title is How to Build a Brand at 29.

The budding author reveals how the idea for a book came about. “Every day, between four and 50 people, in person or via social media, ask me what my secret is,” she said in an article with Drum. Even though Bonang has been in the industry over a decade, it was at age 29 that all her "low key" hard work started to show.

“No one really knows what happens behind the scenes in my life. But I’m in a space where I want to pay it forward.

 2. Her book shares her secrets to success

It also offers a snippet of her story that is yet to be told. Bonang has certainly been through the most, but always seems to raise above all the adversity.  She’s been accused of taking people’s jobs and boyfriends, dissing her peers and being a diva.

But as we will find out in her book Charlotte (her mother) gave her the best advice for tackling the haters: “You don’t have to attend every single argument you’re invited to.”
Bonang says she’s learnt not to pay attention to the insults. “Dogs bark only at a moving car,” she declares.

3. The book will only give you a "selective" look into her personal life

You will learn that Bonang is actually "mommy's little girl" through and through. She speaks of the lessons she learned from Charlotte about presentation and many other things. “My mother stressed the importance of always looking presentable,” she tells us. “No matter where we went, I had to be clean and proper. A woman has to be well-put-together.”
Her mother, businesswoman Charlotte Mokoena, is one of her biggest supporters, and the feeling is mutual. “My business acumen, I take from her; my drive, I take from her; my hunger for thriving and succeeding in life, I take from her. She’s my role model.”