Anele Mdoda. Picture: Henry Marsh Photography
Radio and television presenter Anele Madoda has bought her nanny a German machine, Audi to drive her son Alakhe around.

According to social media investigators, the image of the car was taken a club owner Litha Yaya at Anele's home in Fourways North of Johannesburg.
He posted the image on Instagram just a few days ago, with a caption:
"Yep @zintathu bought her nanny a car to drive Alakhe around, wonder what the maid drives cause they not the same person 🤔🤔or the PA or what does she drive" (sic)

A photo posted by Litha Yaya (@lithayayaa) on

Anele will be receiving a lot of CVs soon; people wanting to be her PA, nanny or just and some are willing to do just about anything for her.

One Instagram follower, [email protected], commented “please hire me hle. (sic), and dumcile also commented "I want that nanny's job" (sic)
Another follower also added “_genua "Please find out if there are any vacancies open, i make a mean breakfast”
But this Insta user made a valuable point "That's great, when you value the person or people who look after your greatest treasures." (sic).